Copyright Policy
Copyright Policy

At, we respect and acknowledge intellectual property rights and are committed to following the principles and laws of copyright. We understand the significant effort that goes into creating original content and strive to ensure it is protected.

The images included in our articles are uploaded by the authors themselves. However, in the event that an image infringes upon a copyright, we stand ready to take the appropriate measures.

If you hold the rights to an image found within an article on our site and believe your copyright has been violated, please reach out to us at [email protected] with the necessary details. Once we have confirmed the infringement, we will promptly remove the image from our site.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to be acknowledged for your work rather than have the image removed, we can assist with this as well. Upon providing us with the necessary information, we will add a hyperlink to the source of the image, directing our readers to the original location of your work.

All communication should be conducted in English to ensure prompt and effective assistance.

We value and respect the creative efforts of all individuals, and we appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a fair and respectful digital environment on