Fun Facts About Earthworm Jim: The Ultimate Compilation!

Updated on July 25, 2023
Earthworm Jim Fun Facts

Wriggle in, dear readers, as we dive deep into the subterranean world of Earthworm Jim, the legendary game that proved you don’t need a backbone to be a hero – in fact, being a worm might just do the trick!

Back in the magical era of the ’90s, when hair was big, pants were baggy, and everyone was jamming to the Backstreet Boys, a unique hero wormed his way (pun absolutely intended!) into our hearts and television screens. Earthworm Jim, created by Doug TenNapel and developed by Shiny Entertainment, became an instant classic upon its release in 1994.

Now, if you’re wondering how a simple, dirt-dwelling worm became one of the most iconic video game characters of the ’90s, then clearly you’ve never donned a super-powered suit that fell from the sky. Jim did, and things were never the same in the world of gaming. As players, we were whisked away on epic adventures through psychedelic landscapes, like New Junk City and What the Heck?, with our trusty blaster in hand and a pocket rocket (which, spoiler alert, is not a sandwich) at the ready for intergalactic travel.

The game’s initial home was the Sega Genesis, but much like a catchy tune, it quickly spread, making its way onto other platforms including the Super Nintendo (SNES) and later even receiving an HD facelift for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It was clear that this worm was on a mission: to entertain and captivate audiences everywhere, all while dodging menacing crows and crazed cats.

If there’s one thing to take from Jim’s journey from the moist soil to the gaming hall of fame, it’s that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. And sometimes, they come with a taste for dirt and a penchant for groovy one-liners!

So, before we tunnel into the treasure trove of Earthworm Jim fun facts, let’s take a moment to appreciate the worm who taught us that with the right suit, anything is possible!

1. A Whole New World, or Maybe Several?

How many games let you navigate a trash can while dodging falling grannies or bungee jump in snot? Not many! This is what makes Earthworm Jim such an iconic piece of ’90s nostalgia.

Sega Genesis and SNES owners know “New Junk City” wasn’t a spot for eco-tourists. And “Snot a Problem”? Let’s just say it’s every germophobe’s nightmare but in the funniest way. It’s like the game creators took a dare: “Design the wackiest levels you can think of!” And boy, did they deliver!

2. Jim Goes Subterranean in “What the Heck”

Ah, the infamous “What the Heck?” level, which is probably the politest name for the underworld. Guarded by snowmen (because why not?) and featuring elevator music like “Elevator to Hell” (a classic), this is not your Dante’s inferno.

It’s funnier. And more ironic. And, don’t forget, fiery lawyers are the real enemies here. It’s almost like they took our everyday jokes about “going to hell in a handbasket” and translated it into a level. An infernally fun time!

3. Who Ordered the Intergalactic Omelette?

The level “Intestinal Distress” in Earthworm Jim 2 isn’t for the faint of heart – or stomach! It’s everything you didn’t want to know about alien digestion. Journeying inside the gut of a gigantic creature, Jim faces floating blobs of… well, better not to know.

And there’s the occasional burst of gastric air (toot!). It’s part biology lesson, part epic adventure, and a 100% hilarious odyssey. We have to give kudos to Jim; it takes guts to navigate someone else’s guts!

Earthworm Jim: Intestinal Distress

4. The Worm Supremacy!

When “Earthworm Jim” hit the scene, Mario had some competition. Okay, it might be a slight exaggeration, but in certain circles, admitting your love for Jim was like a secret handshake to the cool club.

Sure, Mario could jump and stomp on goombas, but could he launch a cow into the stratosphere? I think not. Jim’s charisma was undeniable; he was the unsung hero worm of the ’90s.

Earthworm Jim: Super Nintendo

Image source:

5. Not Just Any Worm – He’s Jim!

Ever observed a worm in the wild? It probably wriggled around, maybe burrowed. But Jim? He’s a multi-talented invertebrate! Jim doesn’t just crawl; he whips, flies, and (for reasons known only to the game developers) launches cows.

If ever there was a worm Olympics, Jim would undoubtedly take home the gold. His adventures are filled with zany antics that defy the laws of physics, logic, and probably several gaming conventions.

6. For the Love of Mucus!

Ever think that your bestie might be a bit clingy? Well, Earthworm Jim has a friend that takes this to the literal level. Enter Snot, an amorphous green blob. Sounds pretty standard for the Sega Genesis era, right?

But here’s the twist: in Earthworm Jim 2, our hero can actually ride this slippery friend, sliding around in what can only be described as mucus-themed amusement park rides. While most of us might say “Eww,” for Jim, it’s more like “Wheee!”

7. Musical Mayhem

Video game music often sets the tone for the gameplay experience. With Earthworm Jim, this tonal setting was… unpredictable.

Some of the background scores in this game might make you think there’s a frantic chicken, possibly wearing tap shoes, getting chased around a barn. Truly a cluck-tastic auditory experience that proves Earthworm Jim fun facts aren’t limited to visuals!

8. Peter Puppy – The Friend with Temper Issues

Meet Peter Puppy: he’s cute, he’s cuddly, and he’s… terrifying when angry! In the Earthworm Jim universe, Peter is a true test of patience. One wrong move, and bam! The little guy transforms into a snarling beast that’ll send Jim to the moon without a spaceship.

But hey, everyone’s got that one friend with slight temper issues, right? Just maybe not one that can literally bite your head off.

Peter Puppy became a monster

Peter Puppy became a monster.

9. Need a Lift? Get a Pocket Rocket!

Why wait for a taxi when you can zoom away on a pocket rocket? That’s right, in the madcap world of Earthworm Jim, typical transport methods are too mainstream.

Jim’s pocket rocket is like the Lamborghini of the worm world, but way cooler. Whenever Jim needs a quick escape or just wants to cruise the galaxy, the pocket rocket is his ride of choice.

Earthworm Jim: pocket rocket

10. Two Games, One Hero

“Retro” took on a whole new meaning when Earthworm Jim HD was released. This wasn’t just a trip down memory lane for Sega Genesis and SNES aficionados. The HD version, playable on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, brought our groovy worm hero into the modern era.

Same epic worm, same hilarious antics, but with crisper graphics. Who knew a worm could look so good in high definition?

Earthworm Jim HD

11. The Invertebrate Innovator: Earthworm Jim’s Gadgetry Galore!

Jim wasn’t just about strength and sass; he was also quite the gadget enthusiast! Throughout his journey, players would discover Jim using a variety of whimsical devices to aid his mission.

Whether it was his pocket rocket for zipping across galaxies, a barn-blaster for dealing with pesky foes, or the infamous Ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit that started his heroic journey, Jim’s array of gadgets was as quirky as the worm himself. And let’s not forget his trusty head whip technique! Who needs Batman’s utility belt when you have the innovation of an invertebrate?

Earthworm Jim super-space-cyber-suit

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12. Groovy!

“Groovy!” isn’t just a word; it’s a way of life. As the unforgettable catchphrase of our beloved invertebrate hero, it epitomizes the zany energy of the Earthworm Jim series. This wasn’t just a fun interjection – it was a nod to an era where bell-bottoms were in vogue, and dance floors were illuminated by disco balls.

With every boisterous “Groovy!” Jim belted out after a challenge, it felt as if the 90s spirit was being revived, all funneled through an armored worm. Truly, an experience only video games can provide.

13. Not Just Sega, but SNES Too!

We all remember the funky escapades of Earthworm Jim on the Sega Genesis. However, this worm was not just limited to one console. He wriggled his way onto the SNES, bringing his trademark antics along. But here’s the twist: each version had its own flavor, giving players unique experiences depending on the platform.

For starters, the Sega Genesis version had slightly better sound quality, taking advantage of the system’s Yamaha sound chip, while the SNES version displayed brighter and more varied colors, making use of its graphics capabilities. The SNES version also had a unique level called “Intestinal Distress.” Genesis players, on the other hand, didn’t get this stomach-churning journey but did get an exclusive shield power-up in “New Junk City.”

Controls differed slightly too; the Genesis version offered three action buttons compared to the SNES’s two, making for subtly different gameplay mechanics. Additionally, some minor aesthetic differences, like animations and background details, set the versions apart.

It’s fascinating to see how one worm’s journey can feel different based on your console of choice. Dive into both versions, and you’re on a dual wormventure, experiencing the best of both worlds!

14. The Ultimate Cheat Code Conspiracy

Oh, the golden age of cheat codes. And Earthworm Jim was right there, offering some of the quirkiest around. Whispered tales among gamers hinted at the existence of an elusive “Mega Ultimate Super Cheat”. This mystical code supposedly turned our worm hero into…wait for it… a clucking chicken.

Though the authenticity of this cheat remains shrouded in mystery, the frenzied search and experimentation it sparked were very real.

15. A Queen of Mixed Heritage: Unraveling the Slug-For-A-Butt Lineage

In the annals of video game villainy, few names strike a chord as whimsically as Queen Slug-For-A-Butt. But don’t be misled by her title – she isn’t a purebred slug as her name might imply.

In a plot twist worthy of a daytime soap opera, our queen is a concoction of genes, blending the traits of an insect and a worm. This genetic cocktail raises so many questions! For instance, which side of the family prefers underground dwellings, and which one is the life of the party at insect gatherings?

Given her mixed heritage, perhaps Jim might consider a rebrand as “Earthworm Beetle-Butt” to match her level of complexity. Then again, some things are better left untouched, and Jim’s branding is one of them!

16. The Cow Launch Isn’t Pointless!

In the wacky world of Earthworm Jim, launching a cow might seem as arbitrary as the next bizarre event. However, it was a genius concoction of humor and game mechanics. This wasn’t just a pointless gag; it’s an event that still elicits chuckles decades later.

Who knew flinging livestock could be such a memorable game mechanic? Evidently, the creators of Earthworm Jim did. And for that, we tip our hats… and our cows.

Earthworm Jim: cow launch

17. The Level Design Is… Outta This World!

Step into the Earthworm Jim universe, and you’re instantly teleported into a surreal, wacky, and brilliantly designed world. Levels in this game aren’t merely stages – they’re full-blown experiences!

“New Junk City” has Jim navigating through a labyrinth of discarded trash. Then there’s “Down the Tubes,” where our hero embarks on an underwater voyage inside a hamster-powered submarine. And who could forget the heart-racing, puppy-saving antics in “Puppy Love”? Yes, you read right; Jim bounces adorable puppies on giant marshmallows.

Each level is meticulously crafted with visual treats and cheeky humor, proving the designers really were on some “groovy” stuff.

18. “The Villain You Love to Hate, and Then Hate to Love!”

Every hero needs a villain. Or in Jim’s case, a few of them! While Queen Slug-For-A-Butt and Psy-Crow are notoriously tricky adversaries, Evil the Cat takes the cake (and probably throws it at you).

This pint-sized feline, with an oversized ambition of universal destruction, truly exemplifies the phrase “size doesn’t matter.” You’ve got to wonder, though; maybe all he needed was a hug? Or perhaps just a slightly bigger litter box…

19. Jim’s Great Escape: Rocket Rodeo!

Rocket through space? Check. Evade deadly obstacles? Double-check. Look cool while doing it? Absolute check!

Throughout his adventure, Jim’s got the unique task of navigating a rocket, ensuring he doesn’t become worm toast. These sequences are pure adrenaline, combining swift reflexes with jaw-dropping visuals, offering a thrilling pace-breaker from the standard run-and-jump fare.

20. Is It Over? Nope!

After battling through hordes of enemies and challenging levels, players might think they’ve seen it all. But Earthworm Jim cheekily nudges them with a message to dive right back in on a higher difficulty setting.

It’s like the game’s way of saying, “Had fun? Now, let’s turn that up a notch!” Just when you thought it was safe to put the controller down…

21. Ode to the 90s!

Ah, the 90s—a time of slap bracelets, baggy jeans, and stellar game soundtracks. Earthworm Jim was no exception. The music from the game resonates with pure 90s charm, from upbeat techno tunes to moody, ambient tracks.

Every time you hear those beats, it’s hard not to get a flashback of simpler times, making you wish for a pair of glow sticks and some neon-lit dance floors.

22. “Lorenzen’s Soil” – A Dirt Lover’s Dream!

In “Earthworm Jim 2,” players got an unparalleled insight into Jim’s natural habitat in the level called “Lorenzen’s Soil.” Here, you’d navigate Jim through an intricate underground maze, all while facing off against dirt-dwelling dangers. What’s striking is the surreal and slightly trippy design of this subterranean world. It was teeming with colorful, wacky worms, and unexpected threats lurking in every nook and cranny.

The level’s name pays homage to Lorenzen, a giant earthworm from the first game. But this isn’t a leisurely tour through the soil. You’ve got to dodge relentless drills, which seem like they’re straight out of a worm’s worst nightmare. In this dirt haven, players got to experience a day in the life of Jim in his native environment.

Earthworm Jim 2: Lorenzen's Soil

23. Worms in Space?

Whoever thought they’d hear the words “worm” and “space” in the same sentence? In Earthworm Jim’s universe, it’s all in a day’s work. In the memorable level “For Pete’s Sake”, Jim takes on the role of protector for his buddy, Peter Puppy. The duo embarks on a space journey, navigating the treacherous terrains of an asteroid field.

And while most of us wonder about the challenges of being an earthworm, Jim reminds us that sometimes, worms have to face intergalactic challenges too! So, the next time you’re gazing at the stars, remember that there might just be a worm out there, leading a puppy to safety.

24. Earthworm Jim’s Funky Wardrobe!

Fashionistas, eat your heart out! Earthworm Jim wasn’t just about beating baddies and navigating quirky levels. He was also about making those high-octane style statements. From his iconic super suit to diving deep with a bubble suit, or even embracing his inner predator with a blind cave salamander disguise, Jim was all about the look.

Every new level posed a question: “What’s Jim going to wear next?” And each time, he delivered. It’s high time we acknowledged Jim as the ultimate style icon of the gaming world.

Earthworm Jim underwater

25. “Level Ate” – A Feast for the Eyes!

In “Earthworm Jim 2,” players encountered a deliciously challenging world known as “Level Ate.” This wasn’t just any old level; it was a world made entirely out of food! Ever fancied fighting foes on a giant sizzling steak or hopping from bun to bun on floating hot dogs? This level had it all.

Navigating through this land of edible wonders, players had to dodge giant salt shakers, slide down greasy bacon strips, and avoid being skewered by upward-jutting forks. It wasn’t just the gameplay that was memorable, but the sheer creativity of the design that left players in awe.

It’s evident the game designers had a feast of an idea, cooking up one of the most memorable levels in platform gaming. And remember, when in “Level Ate,” don’t play on an empty stomach!

Earthworm Jim 2: Level-Ate

26. The Interstellar Salon: Jim’s Makeover Magic!

While battling through hordes of enemies, Earthworm Jim took some time off for… makeovers? In certain levels, Jim would don hilarious costumes, dramatically transforming his look.

Whether it was dressing up like a diva or masquerading as a grandma, Jim proved that saving the universe didn’t mean compromising on style. And we have to admit, some of those outfits were downright fabulous!

Earthworm Jim 2: Blind Cave Salamander

27. Earthworm Jim Meets Salvador Dali

When surrealism meets gaming, you get levels like “Intestinal Distress”. It’s a level that feels like you’ve stepped into a Salvador Dali painting, with its abstract landscapes and bizarre constructs. If Dali ever dreamt of video games, he probably would’ve dreamt of Earthworm Jim.

It’s a mesmerizing blend of surreal visuals coupled with the game’s inherent wackiness. As players navigate this level, they might find themselves pondering, “Is this a worm’s internal journey or just a trip through an art gallery?” Either way, it’s a level that remains etched in players’ memories, proving that art can indeed be found everywhere, even in the adventures of a spacefaring worm.

28. Psy-Crow’s Peculiar Puppy Problem!

Remember the hilariously bizarre “Puppy Love” levels in “Earthworm Jim 2”? Here’s a refresher: Jim’s arch-nemesis, Psy-Crow, decided that kidnapping puppies was a good way to divert Jim from his mission. As Psy-Crow dropped the helpless puppies, our heroic worm had to bounce them on a cushiony marshmallow and then propel them towards Peter Puppy, who would safely catch and cradle them.

It was like a twisted, airborne game of catch. Jim, being the hero he is, became an impromptu puppy lifesaver. These levels, while endearing, showcased the game’s penchant for meshing the cute with the chaotic, all while your adrenaline was through the roof. Pro tip: Hand-eye coordination was a must!

Jim’s Whimsical Wormhole Journeys!

The universe of Earthworm Jim isn’t limited to just one quirky dimension. No, sir! The game features something far more exciting: wormholes. Now, these aren’t your typical space-time wormholes; these are, quite literally, worm-made portals. When Jim decides to venture between game levels, he does so in style by diving headfirst into one of these wriggly entrances.

What makes this even more fascinating is that each wormhole leads to an entirely distinct universe. From surreal landscapes reminiscent of Salvador Dali’s paintings to bizarre worlds made entirely of food, these wormholes are your ticket to pure imaginative brilliance. It’s like having a VIP pass to the most exclusive (and weird) dimensions in the galaxy.

30. Earthworm Jim, The Video Game Hall of Famer

They say legends are born, not made. But when you’re a worm in a super suit, things work a bit differently. Earthworm Jim, despite his slimy origins, is a staple in the fictional Video Game Character Hall of Fame. Among the pixelated ranks of Mario, Sonic, and Lara Croft, there sits a worm, beaming with pride.

Of course, rumors abound that he made his way in by offering a lifetime supply of worms as bribes. But those are merely tales whispered in the dark corners of the gaming world. The truth? His charisma, courage, and, dare we say, his grooviness, earned him that spot. He’s not just another worm in the dirt; he’s a hall-of-famer, recognized for his legendary antics in the gaming universe!

Earthworm Jim

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How did Earthworm Jim get his powers?

Earthworm Jim gained his powers when a super suit, designed by the evil genius Professor Monkey-For-A-Head for Queen Slug-For-A-Butt, fell from space. Jim, being in the right place at the right time, crawled into the suit, which transformed him from an ordinary earthworm into a muscular, gun-toting hero with remarkable abilities.

What is Earthworm Jim about?

Earthworm Jim is a side-scrolling platformer game that follows the adventures of its titular character, Jim, who, after donning a powerful super suit, must navigate a series of zany and treacherous levels to rescue Princess What’s-Her-Name from the game’s various villains, including the nefarious Queen Slug-For-A-Butt.

What are the abilities of Jim the earthworm?

With the super suit on, Jim gains human-like anatomy, vastly increased strength, and the ability to handle weapons, especially his trusty gun. Additionally, Jim can use his worm body as a whip or a copter-like tool to glide across gaps.

Was Earthworm Jim a game or cartoon first?

Earthworm Jim was a game first, debuting on the Sega Genesis in 1994. Due to the game’s immense popularity, it later spawned an animated television series.

How hard is Earthworm Jim?

Earthworm Jim is notorious for its challenging gameplay. Many players and critics have described the game as one of the tougher platformers of its era, with complex level designs, unpredictable enemies, and tight controls.

Who is the main villain in Earthworm Jim?

The main antagonist of the series is Queen Slug-For-A-Butt, a monstrous alien queen who seeks the super suit to further her own nefarious goals.

Can you use snot in Earthworm Jim 2?

Yes! In “Earthworm Jim 2”, Jim’s green friend, Snot, makes a return. Snot can be used as a parachute or as a bungee cord, among other uses. It’s just another layer of the wacky mechanics that make the game memorable.

How many brains does Earthworm Jim have?

This is a fun one! Earthworms, in reality, don’t have brains as we understand them. Instead, they have a series of ganglia or nerve clusters. However, for the sake of the game and its comedic undertones, Jim seems to have just enough brains to operate a super suit and save the princess!

What is the secret level in Earthworm Jim?

The secret level in Earthworm Jim is titled “Who Turned Out The Lights?” In this level, the screen remains predominantly dark, except for Jim’s eyes and certain interactive elements. The level can be accessed in the New Junk City stage by finding a hidden launch pad.

When did Earthworm Jim game come out?

The original “Earthworm Jim” game was released in 1994 for the Sega Genesis and was later ported to multiple other platforms due to its success.

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