What You Might Not Know About GTA 5: 20 Revelations!

Updated on August 17, 2023
GTA 5 fun facts

Grand Theft Auto V, more popularly coined as GTA 5, isn’t just your ordinary video game; it’s an expansive, explosive, and sometimes inexplicably hilarious digital playground. Produced by the gaming titans at Rockstar Games, this magnum opus was released in 2013 and quickly revved its way into gamers’ hearts worldwide. Set in the sun-soaked, crime-ridden city of Los Santos (a cheeky parody of Los Angeles), the game offers players the chance to live out their wildest (and sometimes weirdest) fantasies, all from the comfort of their own couches.

What sets GTA 5 apart from the ocean of games available? Well, where else can you engage in high-octane car chases, perform airborne stunts in a jet, and then casually wind down with a bit of peaceful yoga in your backyard? Not to mention the unique opportunity to switch between three distinct, deeply-flawed protagonists – Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. Trevor alone might make you question all your life choices up to this point.

So whether you’re a newbie to the series or just here for some GTA 5 fun facts, get ready to dive deep into the quirkier side of Los Santos. Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride!

1. Yoga, Really? A Flexed and Stretched Fact!

Ah, the diverse world of Grand Theft Auto V. It’s a place where you can partake in heated car chases and… deep breathing exercises? Yup! Among the many intriguing aspects of GTA 5, there’s an entire Yoga mini-game. Michael, our affluent ex-criminal with a midlife crisis, finds solace in this ancient practice.

The game’s developers at Rockstar probably had a chuckle, thinking players who just pulled off a heist would swap their guns for a yoga mat. And guess what? It’s not a walk in the park. Mastering this yoga requires as much precision as landing a helicopter on a moving truck. No kidding!

2. Shark Attacks? Less Spielberg, More Salty!

GTA 5 isn’t just about urban chaos; there’s a whole aquatic adventure waiting for players. Dive into the deep blue of Los Santos, and you might come face to face with the ocean’s apex predator: the shark.

Now, in most games, a shark encounter leads to dramatic music and a hero’s escape. Not in GTA 5! Here, if you’re chomped down, you get the ironic “Out of Your Depth” achievement. Rockstar Games’ way of giving players a pat on the back for becoming fish food?

3. Mime Time in Vinewood

GTA 5 goes Hollywood with Vinewood, but amidst the glamour and flashbulbs, there’s an unexpected artist making waves—a mime! Yes, amongst gangsters, fast cars, and heists, there’s a street performer who silently captures the essence of the city.

It’s not just the art of miming; it’s the comedic interactions players can have with him. Ever tried punching an imaginary wall? Or perhaps mime-stealing his imaginary car? Well, the streets of Grand Theft Auto V offer this quiet yet quirky distraction.

GTA 5: Vinewood mime

4. Barbers: The Real Magicians of Los Santos

Hair today, gone tomorrow, and back again? GTA 5’s barbers seem to possess mystical powers. Sit in their chair with a bald head, and voila! They can magically grow a lush head of hair or a full beard on your character in a matter of seconds.

In the real world, we have to wait weeks or even months for a regrettable haircut to grow out, but Los Santos’s hairdressers laugh in the face of such challenges! They defy logic and time with their scissors and combs, making this one of the quirkiest Grand Theft Auto V fun facts around.

It’s safe to say, if you’re looking for rapid hair growth solutions, book a ticket to Los Santos. And don’t forget to tip generously; who knows what magic these barbers can really do?

Recommend inserting a video clip showing a bald GTA character entering a barber shop and emerging moments later with a fabulous afro.

GTA 5: bald Michael

5. Lost and Found: Alien Edition!

Ah, Los Santos, a city where you can find a hotdog cart at every corner, celebrities having their morning meltdowns, and… alien spaceships underwater?

While many of us misplace our car keys or sunglasses, it seems our extraterrestrial visitors are a bit clumsier, leaving an entire UFO sunken off the northern coast. Dive deep, and you’ll spot this cosmic fluke. Maybe the aliens just wanted a beach day and things went south?

Regardless, it’s another day in GTA 5, where swimming with the fishes might just include a side of spaceship gazing.

6. Deep Sea Mysteries: Dive if You Dare!

In the vast world of Los Santos, not all secrets are on land. Dive deep beneath the waters of GTA 5, and you might encounter submerged wrecks, lost cargo, and… a dead body in cement shoes! That’s right, in a nod to old gangster movies, you can actually find a body with cement shoes at the bottom of the ocean, adding a layer of eerie realism to the game’s open-world environment.

It’s dark, it’s mysterious, and it’s utterly Grand Theft Auto. If you ever fancied yourself a deep-sea detective, GTA 5’s ocean floor is teeming with stories waiting to be uncovered.

GTA 5: dead body in cement shoes

7. Chop’s Traffic Lessons (or Lack Thereof)

Dogs in real life? Adorable. Dogs in GTA 5? Equally adorable, with a side of chaos! Franklin’s furry pal, Chop, isn’t just an accessory in the game; he’s a fully interactive buddy. Players can throw a ball, and Chop will gleefully fetch it.

But here’s the catch (pun thoroughly intended) – if you decide to toss it into busy traffic, Chop’s common sense takes a backseat. Safety lessons aren’t his strong suit, it seems.

8. Hop to the Beat with Lowriders!

Los Santos’ roads are graced with many a vehicle, but the lowriders stand out, and not just for their flashy looks. In a humorous nod to car culture, if you honk the horn while in a lowrider, it doesn’t just beep – the whole car gets into the groove and starts bouncing!

It’s the vehicle version of dance moves. So, next time you’re at a virtual traffic light, and someone’s car starts grooving, just remember: in GTA 5, even cars have got rhythm!

GTA 5: The blue lowrider bounces on its own

9. The Epsilon’s… Tractor-tive Reward?

Venturing deep into the mystical underbelly of Los Santos, players can guide Michael towards the esoteric embrace of the Epsilon cult. Ah, the mysterious allure of cults! Chanting, cryptic missions, and, of course, the promise of spiritual enlightenment. And what could possibly represent enlightenment better than… a rusty tractor? That’s right!

After being put through the wringer with tasks and tests of loyalty, Michael’s celestial reward is a tractor that’s seen better days. It might not be the shiny supercar one would expect, but it’s sure to give players some spiritual chuckles. GTA 5 fun facts always take a turn for the bizarre, don’t they?

GTA 5: Michael with a tractor

10. A Frosty Greeting from Outer Space!

Rockstar Games sure knows how to sprinkle its game world with enigmatic tidbits. During GTA 5’s prologue, if players divert from the chaos just a tad and peer under an icy bridge, they’ll spot a surprise. What could it be? A treasure chest? Nope. It’s a frozen alien, seemingly taking a very long ice nap!

Just another one of those fun facts about Grand Theft Auto V that melds the extraordinary with the everyday. Why? Because in Los Santos, finding extraterrestrials is as routine as morning coffee!


11. The Altruist Cannibal BBQ Bash!

Los Santos is known for its picturesque beaches, high-flying stunts, and… culinary curiosities? Among the peculiar GTA 5 facts is the existence of the Altruist Cult’s camp, a not-so-secret society of, let’s say, “meat enthusiasts.” Set in the tranquil backdrop of Mount Chiliad, these sun-loving folks have an acquired taste that leans more towards ‘Hannibal Lecter’ than ‘vegan brunch.’

Visitors beware! If Trevor feels generous and drops off a few too many hitchhikers, they might end up on the Altruist’s special BBQ menu. Talk about being in hot water… or, in this case, hot grill?

Kudos to Rockstar Games for adding a pinch of horror-comedy to the GTA V pot. It’s definitely one of those facts that has players laughing nervously.

GTA 5: Altruist camp

12. Trevor’s Fashion Faux Pas: Waking Up in Strange Outfits!

Ah, Trevor Philips, the epitome of unpredictability in Los Santos. While most of us worry about what we’re going to wear today, Trevor wakes up already wearing his questionable choice of the day. Players have frequently found him donning a dress or, on more adventurous days, waking up in his underwear on a mountain peak or a beach.

It seems that while the city never sleeps, Trevor just can’t seem to sleep in his own bed. But hey, at least he’s getting fresh air, right? Whether he’s making a bold fashion statement or just forgot where he lived again, it’s a hilarious testament to his chaotic life.

13. Taking Flight, But Maybe Not for Long!

Everyone dreams of soaring the skies at least once in their life. And in the vast expanse of Los Santos, the skies beckon alluringly. But wait! Before you hop into that plane and channel your inner Maverick, there’s a small, explosive caveat.

Drift into the military base airspace, and they skip the “please move away” memo. Instead, they roll out their not-so-warm welcome in the form of heat-seeking missiles. Talk about overkill, right? So, for anyone planning a leisurely flyby near the base: maybe rethink that flight path unless you fancy a fireworks display with your plane as the star!

14. To Cheat or Not to Cheat?

Who doesn’t love a good cheat code, especially when things get tough? But in GTA 5, dabbling with cheats comes with a mischievous twist. Unleash your sneaky cheat codes, and the game punishes you – by locking out achievements and trophies for that session.

It’s Rockstar’s cheeky way of saying, “Gotcha!” Remember the age-old wisdom: Cheaters never win. But in Los Santos, they sure can have a ton of anarchic fun!

15. Michael’s Therapy: Not Just for Show!

We all know Michael has his fair share of issues, but who’d have thought he’d be the poster boy for self-care in Los Santos? It’s not every day you see a hardened criminal spilling his guts to a therapist. From family troubles to… well, accidentally kidnapping someone, Dr. Friedlander’s got a lot to unpack.

But here’s the twist! Some of Michael’s quips during therapy are oddly relatable. Ever feel like drop-kicking that noisy neighbor? Michael gets it. It’s almost like Rockstar was giving us a wink, saying, “Hey, even virtual criminals need a mental break now and then!”

16. The Midnight Mystery of Mount Gordo

Some hike up Mount Gordo for the view; others, for the adrenaline. But a select few might be in for a midnight surprise. As the clock strikes twelve, an ethereal figure materializes. It’s not your average hiker but a ghostly apparition.

With no warning or context, she stands there, a spectral reminder of… well, we’re not entirely sure. But in a world filled with GTA 5 fun facts, a mountain ghost seems just about par for the course. For those brave enough, a midnight hike might just turn into a ghostly encounter!

17. Thelma & Louise, Los Santos Edition

Rockstar Games have always been masters of pop culture references, but this one’s a blink-and-miss-it type of deal. One of the GTA 5 fun facts that cinephiles will particularly appreciate involves a special event that occurs atop the cliffs of Mount Chiliad. If you’re in the right place at the right time (between 7 PM and 8 PM in-game time, to be precise), you’ll witness a scene straight out of the iconic movie, “Thelma & Louise.”

There’s a car parked perilously close to the cliff’s edge, surrounded by police. We all know what comes next. However, this homage takes a quintessential GTA spin, making it a delightful blend of cinematic nostalgia and open-world chaos. If nothing else, it’s a stark reminder that in Los Santos, life truly does imitate art – but with more explosions!

18. Franklin’s Furry Friend & Financial Advisor

Franklin Clinton, the ambitious repo man turned heist maestro, has a peculiar sidekick: a dog named Chop. But here’s the kicker—Chop isn’t just good for fetching balls or intimidating foes. With a bit of training (and maybe some questionable herbs?), Chop can sniff out collectibles around the city. Who knew a Rottweiler could be Los Santos’ most effective treasure hunter?

Now, if only Chop could give investment advice or tell us where to buy that prime Vinewood real estate. With his track record, Franklin might just end up richer than Michael!

19. “Tanks” for the Memories!

Ever feel the traffic in Los Santos is too much? Maybe you’ve dreamt of a way to breeze through without a hitch? Well, some intrepid Grand Theft Auto V players found an, ahem, “tanktastic” solution!

Stealing a tank from Fort Zancudo isn’t just about firepower – it’s also about making a bold fashion statement on the streets. Who needs a horn when you’ve got a cannon? Next time someone double parks or cuts you off, just remember: in GTA 5, there’s a tank for that!

GTA 5: Tank

20. Vinewood’s Not-so-Secret Admiration

Ever taken a stroll down Vinewood Boulevard and wondered if those stars underfoot bear any resemblance to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame? Spoiler: They do! But here’s a quirky twist only GTA 5 could offer: among the fictional names on the Vinewood Walk of Fame, there’s a star dedicated to a real-life celebrity: Laszlo Jones, the radio host from the game.

Turns out, Los Santos’ glittering boulevard holds a mix of satirical stardom and genuine homage. A nod to the real person behind the virtual voice or just another one of those GTA 5 fun facts that makes you chuckle? Either way, Vinewood’s got its priorities star-straight!

GTA 5: Vinewood Walk of Fame


Who sleeps the longest in GTA 5?

Among the trio of main characters in GTA 5, Franklin catches the most Zs, clocking in at a leisurely 8 hours per sleep cycle. Michael takes a 6-hour nap, while Trevor, being the wild card he is, only rests for a whopping 12 hours. Talk about beauty sleep!

Is there a girl in GTA 5?

While none of the primary protagonists in GTA 5 are female, the game does have a myriad of strong, memorable female characters. Some of the prominent names include Amanda (Michael’s wife), Tanisha (Franklin’s ex-girlfriend), and Liz Macallen (a bail bonds mission character).

How to make GTA 5 more fun?

GTA 5 is already a roller-coaster of fun, but for extra giggles:

  1. Experiment with the cheat codes for low gravity, wild weather, and more.
  2. Engage in the myriad of side missions and mini-games.
  3. Explore underwater treasures or take a hike in the wilderness.
  4. Play GTA Online and embark on heists with friends or engage in quirky player vs. player activities.

Can you flirt in GTA 5?

While deep romances aren’t the crux of GTA 5, players can flirt with various NPCs in the game, especially when visiting the Vanilla Unicorn. However, it doesn’t impact the storyline in significant ways.

Who is the strongest man in GTA V?

In terms of raw physical strength, Trevor Philips is arguably the most powerful. He’s the most unpredictable, aggressive, and has a special ability that allows him to deal more damage while taking less during combat.

What is the hardest thing to do in GTA 5?

Many players find the “Three Man Army” achievement/trophy to be quite challenging. This requires players to survive a 3-star wanted level for at least 3 minutes with all three characters together off-mission.

What inappropriate stuff is in GTA 5?

GTA 5, like other titles in the series, contains mature content. This includes strong language, violence, drugs, alcohol, and explicit adult scenes. It’s not designed for young audiences, which is why it carries a mature rating.

What is the hardest thing to steal in GTA 5?

Stealing a jet from the Fort Zancudo military base is one of the most challenging thefts in the game. While the base is teeming with high-end military gear, grabbing a jet involves evading or combatting heavy military resistance, including tanks and fighter jets.

Can you kiss in GTA 5?

Characters can receive dances and private sessions at the Vanilla Unicorn, which occasionally includes kisses. Outside of that context, there aren’t any deep romantic interactions like full-on kissing scenes with main characters.

Can you get married in GTA 5?

In GTA 5’s main storyline, players can’t get married. Relationships are predefined and scripted. However, in GTA Online, you can hold elaborate parties, which can resemble weddings at the church in Los Santos, but there’s no official “marriage” mechanic.

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