Pink Floyd Reveals: The Fun, Odd & Unknown!

Updated on September 29, 2023
Pink Floyd Fun Facts

Alright, Pink Floyd enthusiasts, gather around! We’re about to dive deep into some fascinating, wacky, and downright amusing corners of the legendary band’s history. Ever wondered how much you really know about Pink Floyd? We’ve got Pink Floyd fun facts lined up to tickle your fancy and maybe your funny bone too!

1. The School Choir Stint

When the song “Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2” gets to its catchy chorus, “We don’t need no education,” you’re not hearing a professional choir. Pink Floyd had the brilliant idea to use an actual school choir from Islington Green School in North London. What a way to keep things real and relatable!

This masterstroke of authenticity took the song’s message to the next level. Imagine being a student at that school and getting to be a part of rock history! Later, some members of the choir even tried to claim royalties, but it’s safe to say their place in musical lore was already cemented. Bet those kids had something extra special to write about in their “What I did over summer” essays!

2. Echoes and The Whale

Dive into this: Pink Floyd’s “Echoes”, a track that’s as long as your favorite sitcom episode, found its cosmic twin. How? It pairs uncannily well with a section of Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

Cosmic alignments? Maybe. Sheer coincidence? Possibly. Pink Floyd fun facts making your day? Absolutely. If you’re looking for a fresh movie night idea, play them together and let “Echoes” transform your space journey. It’s like adding a rock soundtrack to a space opera – two intergalactic peas in a pod.

3. The Floating Pig Fiasco

In the vast realm of Pink Floyd unknown facts, here’s one that soared… quite literally. While shooting for their “Animals” album cover, a massive inflatable pig, clearly not a fan of being tethered, broke free. Result? Chaos!

Pilots reported a UFO (Unidentified Floating Oinker) and Londoners had a new cloud shape to identify. It’s not every day you see a pig on the wing. Talk about taking “hogging the limelight” to new heights!

The iconic "Animals" album cover or the pig floating free in London's skyline

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4. Rocking the Classics

It’s not just modern pop artists borrowing from the classics; Pink Floyd’s been doing it for decades! Exhibit A: “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun”. Instead of sourcing inspiration from the contemporary, Waters delved deep, borrowing its title from a Chinese poem.

If you ever think your reading habits are “too old-school,” remember, they might just inspire the next big hit. From ancient China to classic rock radio – now that’s a musical journey!

5. The Immortal Cow

Ever glanced at the “Atom Heart Mother” album cover and wondered, “Who’s that chic cow?” Meet Lulubelle III. No juicy backstory, no deep connection with the band, just a photogenic bovine who’s arguably one of rock’s most iconic cows.

While most cows dream of greener pastures, Lulubelle graced an album cover that went gold. It’s udderly amazing how a simple cow became an eternal symbol of Pink Floyd’s whimsical side!

"Atom Heart Mother" album - Lulubelle

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6. The “Money” Cash Register Jingle

You’ve heard of hitting the jackpot, but have you ever heard of the jackpot hitting the beat? Among the most interesting facts about Pink Floyd’s iconic song “Money” is that its infectious rhythm wasn’t just pulled from a studio soundboard.

Roger Waters, in his creative genius, decided to make cha-ching sounds by playing around with various coins and cash registers. It’s a literal take on the song’s title! And let’s admit, each time that cash register goes “ka-ching,” we can’t help but move to the groove.

While most artists may look at instruments or exotic sounds, Pink Floyd found inspiration right in their pocket change. Now every time you hear a cash register, don’t be surprised if you suddenly have the urge to start a bassline.

7. The Barefooted Moment

Rockstars have quirks. Some smash guitars, some have outrageous outfits, but Roger Waters? He liked to feel the ground. Among the amusing Pink Floyd fun facts is this one: while performing the intense and emotive “The Wall” live, Waters would often kick off his shoes and perform barefoot. Perhaps it was a way for him to truly connect with the music, feel every vibration, and be grounded (pun intended).

It’s a rare sight seeing a rock legend in his rawest form, shedding the barriers between him and the stage. It’s almost poetic, feeling the world sans any barrier, while belting out lyrics that speak of walls and barriers.

Roger Waters on stage, with his bare feet

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8. The Monty Python Connection

Who said rockstars don’t have a sense of humor? Diving deep into Pink Floyd unknown facts, we unearth this gem: Pink Floyd were fans of comedy! They didn’t just tickle our eardrums; they tickled our funny bone too by contributing funds to the legendary Monty Python film “Holy Grail”.

From progressive rock to medieval slapstick comedy, Pink Floyd’s taste sure had range. One does wonder, with their innovative sound approach, if they ever considered adding the infamous coconut gallop sound to one of their tracks!

Monty Python film "Holy Grail"

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9. Nick Mason: The Band’s Backbone

While band members came and went, faced tumultuous relationships, and took creative breaks, one man stood rock solid through Pink Floyd’s entire journey: Nick Mason.

As the drummer, not only did he set the rhythm for the band’s music but also for their career. It’s fascinating to think that amidst all the changes, fallouts, and shifts, Mason was the consistent beat that kept Pink Floyd going. He’s like that one friend in the group who remembers all birthdays and sends timely reminders!

Nick Mason, Pink Floyd

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10. The Wet Recording Technique

Dive into one of the quirkiest Pink Floyd fun facts! When Pink Floyd wanted a truly immersive sound for one of their tracks, they didn’t just rely on traditional studio techniques. Legend has it that during the recording sessions for “Wish You Were Here”, the band actually experimented with microphones submerged in water to achieve a unique, distorted sound effect.

It might sound fishy, but when you’re one of the most innovative bands in rock history, sometimes you have to think outside the aquarium. Next time you listen, see if you can catch that watery warble!

Joke: So, when people say Pink Floyd’s music is “deep”, they might be onto something more literal than we thought!

11. No Singles? No Problem!

The audacity of an album to not have singles and still manage to be legendary! Cue “The Dark Side of the Moon”. Amidst all the fun facts about Pink Floyd, this stands out like a sore thumb…or a proud peacock. But why?

When you’re Pink Floyd and you craft an album that’s less like a collection of songs and more like an interstellar journey, you don’t merely give away pit stops. Nope! You invite everyone aboard for the full galactic tour.

Many artists put out singles to tease and entice. Pink Floyd basically said, “Hold our instruments,” and served up a buffet of sound that took listeners from the first course to dessert without interruption. Here’s to the unbroken rhythms and uninterrupted echoes of one of rock’s greatest masterpieces.

12. A (Gong) Bang Ending

Gongs! A symbol of climax, celebration, or commencement. Now imagine Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason taking this ancient percussion to the next level. During the hypnotic “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun”, Mason did more than merely strike a gong. He’d bang it, summoning all the celestial energies, and then plunge it into water. Why? For that theatrical hiss, a sizzling finale that left audiences in awe.

It’s like dropping the mic, but way more dramatic and probably a tad more dangerous. As it sizzled and steam rose, you could feel the essence of Pink Floyd – unexpected, theatrical, and never one to shy away from the sensational. It was an immersive experience, making sure the audience not only heard but also felt the music.

13. The Blackboard Equation

When you think Pink Floyd, you think progressive rock, mind-bending visuals, and… theoretical physics? In the “High Hopes” video, in a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, a blackboard flaunts the Einstein field equation from general relativity. It’s like sneaking veggies into a meat lover’s burger; you just don’t expect it.

What were they trying to convey? A nod to the vastness and complexity of the universe, or perhaps just a nod to all those theoretical physicists jamming to their tunes. Either way, it’s delightful to imagine that between guitar riffs and lyrical brainstorming, the band paused to dabble in a bit of spacetime geometry. And for all those who noticed, it was a ‘Eureka!’ moment wrapped in a rock video.

14. The Snoring Symphony

Talk about waking up on the right side of the bed! “Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast” took breakfast in bed to a whole new musical level. Featuring the delightful morning routine of roadie Alan Styles, listeners are treated to a smorgasbord of auditory experiences – from the sizzle of bacon to the rhythmic pour of milk and yes, the harmonious snore.

When most of us were jamming to the beats of the toaster popping up, Pink Floyd, always ahead of the curve, celebrated the most important meal of the day in the most Floydian way possible. It’s fun to imagine that somewhere out there, someone is dancing with their cereal bowl to this tune.

15. Vinyl’s Cryptic Code

Every band has its quirks, but Pink Floyd’s got layers, like a mysterious onion of rock. Dive into the end groove of “The Wall” vinyl and here’s a Pink Floyd fun fact: it’s got a message.

“There is no dark side of the moon really. As a matter of fact, it’s all dark.” Did they want to send fans on a philosophical trip, or was it just their sense of humor shining? Either way, those who spotted it probably had a mini existential crisis between tracks.

16. The Saliva Saga

One wouldn’t usually equate spitting with groundbreaking album inspiration, but then again, Pink Floyd isn’t just ‘any’ band. Roger Waters’ spitting incident wasn’t just a moment of rock ‘n’ roll rebellion, it was the spark that ignited the fire for “The Wall”.

It symbolized the growing chasm between the artists and their admirers. But from that unsavory experience came one of the most iconic albums of all time. From a barrier of saliva arose a metaphorical wall, bridging gaps with music.

Pink Floyd - The Wall

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17. Celestial Sync-Up

Mother Nature, it seems, is a Pink Floyd fan! At their 1990 Knebworth concert, the stars (or rather, the sun and moon) aligned for a serendipitous cosmic show. Just as the first chords of “Eclipse” graced the air, an actual solar eclipse graced the sky.

A moment so surreal, even Pink Floyd couldn’t have planned it better. It’s as if the universe wanted its own light show for the performance. Talk about natural stage effects!

18. Syd’s Psychedelic Paint Palette

Here’s one of those Pink Floyd fun facts that’ll brush away your blues. While Syd Barrett’s early exit from the band was a hard pill to swallow, he didn’t just sit around twiddling his thumbs. Nope, he swapped out his guitar for a paintbrush! Maybe he was thinking, “Why drop acid when you can drop acrylics?”

From cosmic guitar riffs to colorful canvases, Syd’s artistic flair knew no bounds. His new canvas? Actual canvas. It seems Syd was adamant about giving “Pink” a whole new palette. After all, why make music for the ears when you can paint a symphony for the eyes?

19. Pink Floyd’s Quirky Sound Tests

In the realm of Pink Floyd fun facts, it’s known that the band was passionate about perfecting their sound. But did you know they had some offbeat ways to test the acoustics of a room? From playing obscure instruments to making odd sounds, the members would go to any length to ensure their recordings sounded just right.

For instance, Richard Wright once spent an entire afternoon just clapping in different parts of a studio to see where the echo was best. Gilmour, on the other hand, might’ve tried tuning his guitar to the hum of a refrigerator! And let’s not even get started on Waters and his fascination with the acoustics of empty coffee mugs.

So, the next time you’re tapping on your desk or humming along with your washing machine, just remember: you might be on to the next big recording breakthrough!

20. Pink Floyd’s Saucerful of Secrets

Delving deep into Pink Floyd fun facts, did you know that before they achieved superstardom, the band once played a gig in front of a mere six people at a London club? Yes, just six dedicated souls! It was in the late ’60s, and the venue was The Marquee Club.

Given the majestic arenas and colossal crowds they’d later enthrall, it’s a hilarious contrast. It’s like having the Mona Lisa exhibited in your living room! So, the next time you feel like you’re performing for a nearly empty room, just remember – even the greats have been there.

Joke: Makes you wonder if those six people ever brag about it at parties? “Oh, you saw Pink Floyd at a stadium? That’s cute. I had them as my personal band for a night!”

A vintage shot of Pink Floyd in their early days on a small stage

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How did Pink Floyd get their name?

Pink Floyd owes its unique name to Syd Barrett, one of the founding members. He combined the names of two blues musicians he admired: Pink Anderson and Floyd Council, to come up with “Pink Floyd.” A nod to the blues origins that partially inspired their sound!

What was Pink Floyd’s real name?

“Pink Floyd” isn’t a name of an individual but rather the band. Initially, they went by several names like “Sigma 6,” “The Meggadeaths,” “The Abdabs,” and “The Screaming Abdabs.” It wasn’t until Barrett joined the band that they adopted the iconic name “Pink Floyd.”

Why did Pink Floyd break up?

Like many legendary bands, Pink Floyd had its fair share of internal disagreements, creative differences, and personal conflicts, especially between Roger Waters and the other members. By the mid-1980s, Waters declared Pink Floyd “a spent force.” However, the remaining members disagreed and carried on without him. Over the years, they had brief reunions, but never formally came back together as a permanent unit.

What is Pink Floyd’s biggest hit?

While Pink Floyd has had numerous hits, “Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2” is arguably their most commercially successful, being their only single to reach No. 1 in the US, UK, and many other countries.

Who had mental illness in Pink Floyd?

Syd Barrett, one of the original members, faced deteriorating mental health, often speculated to be the result of heavy LSD use. His erratic behavior and deteriorating condition eventually led to his departure from the band.

Who is the genius of Pink Floyd?

That’s subjective and can vary based on personal opinions. Roger Waters and David Gilmour are often credited for much of the band’s creative direction, but it’s essential to recognize that Pink Floyd’s genius was a collaborative effort, including contributions from Richard Wright, Nick Mason, and, initially, Syd Barrett.

Were Pink Floyd depressed?

The members of Pink Floyd, like many artists, had their struggles. Some of their music touches upon themes of mental health, isolation, and existential angst. Roger Waters often wrote about his feelings, especially his experiences related to the loss of his father in World War II.

Was Pink Floyd psychedelic?

Absolutely! In their early days, especially during the Syd Barrett era, Pink Floyd was at the forefront of the psychedelic rock movement. Albums like “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” are prime examples of their psychedelic sound.

What ethnicity is Pink Floyd?

“Pink Floyd” is a band, not an individual, so it doesn’t have an ethnicity. However, its founding members, including Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason, and David Gilmour, are all British.

Who sings the most in Pink Floyd?

Over the course of Pink Floyd’s vast discography, both Roger Waters and David Gilmour shared lead vocal duties. While Waters penned most of the band’s lyrics, Gilmour’s iconic voice is behind many of their most beloved songs. The balance of lead vocals shifted between them depending on the album and era.

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