Solitaire: 20 Fun Facts and Trivia Unveiled

Updated on July 17, 2024
Women and man playing Solitaire

Well hello there, fellow fun seekers! We’re about to embark on a playful journey to the realm of the world’s most celebrated card game, Solitaire. This isn’t a boring historical timeline or a humdrum strategy guide, oh no! This, my dear friends, is an exploration into some of the most hilarious, eyebrow-raising, and downright fun facts about Solitaire. Picture that – a game you thought was merely a pastime is riddled with intriguing trivia that could well make you the star of your next cocktail party chatter.

Whether you’re a seasoned card slinger or just someone who’s sent the deck flying across the computer screen a few times (hey, no judgement here!), we’ve got something to tickle your funny bone and pique your curiosity. So, get ready to swap your poker face for a grin, because we’re about to deal out 20 captivating and amusing facts about your favorite one-player wonder. Lights, camera, shuffle!

1. Not Really Solitaire

You know what’s funnier than a comedian at a stand-up show? Realizing that your trusty companion during those lonely hours, Solitaire, isn’t actually solitary! Yep, you heard that right. Most of the Solitaire games like Klondike Solitaire or Spider Solitaire, those faithful comrades of the bored and restless, are in fact, multiplayer games in their origin countries.

It’s like RSVPing to a party for one and then realizing it’s a full house! What a wild card, right? Can you imagine the uproar, the drama, the lost turns and the ecstatic wins that must have ensued? Makes you want to invite some friends over for a solitary game!

2. The Great Name Swap

Get ready to have your mind blown with this interesting fact. You know the game we so lovingly call Solitaire? Well, our friends across the pond in the UK call it Patience. Wait, what?! Yep, Patience. Imagine the confusion!

It’s like going to a pet shop, asking for a dog and being handed a cat! Or ordering a cheeseburger and getting a salad! Talk about a transatlantic identity crisis. I wonder how patient the Brits were when they first discovered our little name swap.

Patience card game

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3. The Unofficial Therapist

Next time you’re feeling stressed, consider this fun fact: Solitaire could be your unofficial, pocket-sized therapist! This isn’t to say that it should replace professional mental health support, but the game’s relaxing and mentally stimulating nature is a great tool for stress relief.

When you’re navigating through kings, queens, and jacks, you’re actually helping your brain shift focus from anxiety-provoking thoughts to a constructive task. Imagine that – Solitaire, the beloved card game, moonlighting as a stress-buster!

In this digital age, Solitaire can be your quick retreat to a zen zone – all at the swipe of your fingers. So the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, just remember your buddy Solitaire is there, ready to help you ‘deal’ with it!

4. The World of Rodrigues Solitaire

Hold onto your feathers, because our next Solitaire fun fact is quite the bird-brained surprise. When you hear the name Rodrigues Solitaire, you probably imagine some exotic version of the card game. But you’d be barking up the wrong tree… or should I say, the wrong bird!

Rodrigues Solitaire is actually an extinct flightless bird from the Mascarene Island of Rodrigues. You’ve got to admit, the thought of spending your afternoon playing with an extinct bird instead of cards is somewhat… hysterical!

Illustration of a Rodrigues Solitaire bird

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5. The Oldest Solitaire Game

You may think Solitaire and immediately picture the green felt of your computer screen, but let’s kick it old school with this fun fact about Solitaire. Strap on your time-traveling helmets folks, because the oldest game of Solitaire, known as ‘Le Content Morne’, dates back to a whopping 1788!

That’s right, Solitaire has seen more centuries than your grandpa’s grandpa’s grandpa’s… well, you get the drift. So the next time you’re dealing out a game, remember, you’re not just playing a game, you’re continuing a legacy that has more rings than a redwood tree! How’s that for a timeless classic?

6. From Physical to Digital

Get ready to have your synapses scrambled with our next Solitaire tidbit. The card game Solitaire, that we’ve grown to love on our trusty screens, once upon a time, was played with… wait for it… actual, physical cards! Yep, picture that.

Folks huddled over card tables, shuffling, dealing, playing their hearts out without the glow of a single screen in sight. Imagine having to manually shuffle and deal those cards. Oh, the horror! I bet they had to walk to school uphill both ways, too!

7. The Spider Solitaire Conundrum

Prepare for a creepy crawly giggle with this one. Ever wondered why Spider Solitaire is so named? Does it spin a web to trap you into hours of card flipping fun? Well, not quite.

The game gets its moniker from the eight discard piles that supposedly resemble spider legs. So no, spiders didn’t design the game during a particularly productive web meeting, though that does make for a fun image, doesn’t it? So let’s raise our glasses to eight-legged card fun and never look at a spider the same way again!

Spider Solitaire

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8. Solitaire: A Pop Culture Icon

You may not have realized it, but Solitaire has appeared in countless TV shows and movies. It’s been featured in the background of tense scenes, played by characters at bars, and used as a method to show a character’s boredom or loneliness.

From the small screen to the big screen, it seems Solitaire has found its way into the hearts of scriptwriters and directors as a tool to visually explain the narrative. Truly, Solitaire is not just a game, but a bonafide pop culture icon!

9. The Most Played Solitaire Game

You know what question keeps me up at night? Which type of Solitaire is the world champion, the undisputed heavyweight of card games? Well, it’s time to stop tossing and turning, because the answer is here! Drum roll, please… it’s Klondike Solitaire!

With its sublime blend of luck and strategy, it’s like the pizza of the Solitaire world: always hits the spot, and universally loved. You may now return to your restful slumbers, knowing the truth has been revealed!

Game card King

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10. Solitaire: The World Speedster

Fast and furious isn’t just for cars, it’s for Solitaire too! Our beloved card game is not just about leisurely killing time, it’s also about the adrenaline rush for some. Did you know that speed Solitaire is a real thing? And it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Imagine this: Players hunched over their screens, eyes darting, fingers flying over mouse buttons, all vying to beat the clock. This isn’t your grandma’s Sunday afternoon Solitaire, my friend! It’s Solitaire on steroids, the fast and furious version of your coffee-break pastime.

Just remember not to blink, because you might miss the whole game!

11. The Solitaire Variations

Alright folks, brace yourselves for a shocker! You might think you’ve seen all Solitaire has to offer, but did you know there are over 500 documented variations of Solitaire? I mean, talk about keeping things fresh!

It’s like changing your hairstyle every day for a year, and still having options left! So, if you ever get bored with your current game, just remember: there are more Solitaire games out there than there are days in a year!

12. The Solitaire Algorithmic Challenge

Prepare to have your circuits blown with this electrifying fact about Solitaire. Ever heard of FreeCell, the Solitaire version that came with your Windows software? What you might not know is that its existence led to a significant challenge in the field of computer science.

In the 90s, Microsoft didn’t just create a fun game to pass the time, they unwittingly created a rich ground for a computational problem. A Microsoft intern named Jim Horne designed FreeCell, but he included a cheeky addition – a few games labeled as impossible.

This sparked a global race among algorithm enthusiasts to crack these ‘impossible’ games, and hence, “The FreeCell Project” was born. The challenge was to design an algorithm that could win or prove it’s impossible to win every FreeCell game. After a decade of computation, only one game (#11982) remains unsolved!

FreeCell game

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13. The Unwinnable Solitaire

Are you ready for the 13th fun fact about Solitaire that might just burst your bubble? Brace yourselves. Not every Solitaire game can be won!

Imagine getting into a maze with no exit, or like biting into a doughnut only to find there’s no jam inside. So if you’ve been beating yourself up about that game you never won, give yourself a break. It might just be the Solitaire equivalent of climbing Mount Everest in flip-flops.

14. Solitaire: The Universal Language!

Hold onto your hats for this fun fact, folks! Did you know that Solitaire is enjoyed in every corner of the globe? From the scorching deserts of the Sahara to the icy wastes of Antarctica, you can find someone who knows Solitaire. It’s like the Esperanto of card games!

In fact, Solitaire is so universally loved, it has been included as a pre-installed game in every version of Windows since 1990. So, whether you’re a scientist stationed in Antarctica or a nomad wandering the Sahara, with a laptop at hand, you can shuffle up a game of Solitaire. Talk about an ice-breaker (or a sand-sifter)!

Who needs to be a billionaire when you can conquer hearts, right?

15. The Hidden Solitaire Game

Fact #15 is a sneaky one. Have you ever used the Excel program? Who hasn’t, right? Well, unbeknownst to most, there’s a hidden Solitaire game in Excel 2000!

Kind of like finding out your quiet coworker is a secret rock star. Who knew spreadsheets could be so much fun?

16. The First Computer Solitaire

Alright folks, ready to be blown away with fact number 16? Strap in because we’re headed for the 1980s. Picture this – it’s 1989 and Microsoft has just released Windows 3.0. Tucked away in the package is a humble little game that’s about to take the world by storm – you guessed it, Solitaire!

Back then, PCs were new and intimidating, and Solitaire was designed to be the gateway game, a sly way to get folks used to using the mouse. Drag and drop with cards? Genius! So next time you casually clear a stack with the flick of a wrist, remember that you’re performing a task that was once a tech newbie’s Everest.

Who knew a simple card game would be a pioneering force in the world of computers? Solitaire, you sly old fox, you did more than just help us while away the hours, you helped us embrace the future!

17. The “Deck”-athlon Champion

You know the Olympics, right? Those games where athletes compete in various sports like running, jumping, swimming, and all that jazz. Now imagine if there was a card Olympics, and guess who would be the reigning champion? Yup, you guessed it, our dear friend Solitaire!

That’s right, Solitaire is the king of card games in terms of variants. With over 500 known versions worldwide, from Klondike and Spider to FreeCell and Pyramid, Solitaire would bag the gold medal each time, leaving other card games in the dust. It’s like the Usain Bolt of card games, always a few steps ahead and unbeatable!

18. Solitaire, the Google Star!

Fact number 18 really brings out the celebrity in our dear card game. In 2020, Google celebrated the 30th anniversary of digital Solitaire with an interactive Google Doodle game.

It’s like winning the “Card Game Oscar”, you could say. You know you’ve made it big when you’re a Google Doodle!

19. Solitaire, the Royal Game

Who’s ready for some regal company? Fact 19 is all about the royal ties of Solitaire. French royalty, notably Napoleon Bonaparte, reportedly played Solitaire during his exile.

So, each time you lay out your cards for a game, you’re following in the footsteps of emperors and queens. You could say it’s the “Game of Thrones” for us common folks!

Napoleon Bonaparte is playing Solitaire

20. Solitaire and Shakespeare

To wrap up our 20 fun facts about Solitaire, we’re turning to the world of literature. Some suggest that the Bard himself, William Shakespeare, references a form of Solitaire in his play, “Troilus and Cressida”.

So, the next time you play, remember – you’re partaking in an activity that not only has roots in history but in the world of classic literature too! Now, isn’t that a thought to ponder on?


What are 10 interesting facts about solitaire?

  1. Not all Solitaire games are solitary. Some versions can be played competitively or cooperatively.
  2. In the UK, Solitaire is referred to as Patience.
  3. Solitaire was included in Windows to teach people how to use the mouse.
  4. There’s an extinct flightless bird named Rodrigues Solitaire.
  5. The oldest known Solitaire game, ‘Le Content Morne’, dates back to 1788.
  6. Solitaire, which is now predominantly played on screens, was originally played with physical cards.
  7. Spider Solitaire is named for its eight discard piles that resemble spider legs.
  8. Astronaut Michael Fossum played Solitaire aboard the International Space Station.
  9. Klondike Solitaire is the most played version of Solitaire worldwide.
  10. While there’s no official record, some players claim to have completed a game of Solitaire in less than 30 seconds.

Why is it called solitaire?

The name “Solitaire” comes from the Latin word “solitarius,” which means alone. It was named this way because traditionally it’s a card game that one person can play alone.

What is the oldest solitaire game?

The oldest recorded game of Solitaire, known as ‘Le Content Morne’, dates back to 1788.

Is solitaire a skill or luck?

Solitaire is a combination of both skill and luck. While the initial layout of cards is entirely up to chance, the decisions a player makes during the game can greatly affect the outcome.

Can Solitaire be unbeatable?

Yes, not all games of Solitaire can be won. Some games are unwinnable no matter what decisions the player makes.

Is Solitaire good for IQ?

While there isn’t any direct research to suggest that Solitaire improves IQ, the game does involve strategy, problem-solving, and memory, which are all cognitive skills that can help keep your mind sharp.

Does Solitaire train your brain?

Yes, Solitaire can train your brain. It involves pattern recognition, strategic thinking, and problem-solving, all of which can help to keep your brain active and sharp.

What is the secret to Solitaire?

There isn’t necessarily a “secret” to winning Solitaire, but a few helpful strategies include always making the move that frees a down card, even if it means moving a card from a foundation pile, and turning up the first deck card before making any other moves.

How rare is it to win Solitaire?

The exact probability of winning a Solitaire game depends on the specific version being played and the strategy used. For standard Klondike Solitaire, some estimates suggest that players can win about 79% of games if they’re using the best possible strategies.

What’s the smartest way to play Solitaire?

Some strategies to play Solitaire smartly include always moving an Ace or 2 to the foundation whenever possible, exposing hidden cards whenever possible, and only using the deck when absolutely necessary.

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